What is Welectricity?

Welectricity is a simple, free online service that helps you track and reduce your electricity consumption at home. It’s designed around a few basic ideas.

It’s social

The first idea is that in order for you to reduce your consumption, you need a few simple things. You need information. But, studies have shown that information by itself won’t help you much. You also need to get feedback; you need the ability to compare your consumption to others like you and you need to be able to set goals and make plans for reducing your electricity use at home. So, we designed Welectricity as a social network that provides these things ☺

It’s low-carbon

You don’t need a smart meter to use Welectricity. You don’t need an in-home energy monitor. No new stuff needs to be manufactured, packaged, shipped, driven out to your home and installed. After all, what’s the point of using a whole lot of energy to bring you a bunch of new stuff that’s meant to help you use less energy? Welectricity helps save the planet in 2 ways!

How Welectricity works

Do you know how much electricity you consumed at home last month? Or the month before that? Or the same month last year? Don’t know? You’re not alone. Lots of people don’t really know how much energy they’re consuming, but most of us would like to do our part by using less. It’s good for our wallets, our communities and our planet! Well, that’s where Welectricity comes in.

To get started, you simply sign up for a free account here. You can sign up with your Facebook or Twitter account, or you can create a Welectricity login, which you can connect to Facebook and Twitter later on.

Then, you’ll need to do the following things:

1. Set up your profile

You need to tell Welectricity about your household, so that meaningful comparisons can be made between your household’s electricity consumption and others. For example, Welectricity won’t compare a single-person household with a four-person household. The appliances you use also make a difference. Every household has a fridge, but not everyone uses air-conditioning or a clothes dryer… so the more detail you provide, the better!

2. Enter your bill information

Once you enter all your bill information, Welectricity will keep track of your electricity consumption for the past year and will update your information when you enter new bills. Welectricity will calculate your average daily consumption for each month and will graph the consumption on your dashboard. The graph will tell you if your consumption is going up or down. You will be able to display your comparable friends’ graphs on your dashboard as well, to see how your household compares to similar households. If you don’t have all of your bills for the past year, don’t worry, just enter what you have.

3. Invite some friends to join Welectricity

Once you’ve added your bill information, Welectricity allows you to engage your friends, relatives, co-workers (anyone in your country actually) in a little friendly competition to reduce energy consumption. When others join your network, you will be able to compare your consumption and savings graphs with theirs, and you’ll also be able to share and exchange tips for saving energy and discuss actual, real-life things that you and your Welectricity friends are doing to make a difference. (ps: Welectricity is an energy efficiency social network!)

4. Goals & Plans

Last, you will be looking at setting goals and making plans (if necessary) to take control of your consumption.

5. Facebook and Twitter

Your Welectricity account can now be connected to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, so that your achievements on Welectricity can be shared and discussed with your friends and followers across your extended social networks.

Have you joined Welectricity yet? Click here to get started, or go to one of the other links below:
Edit Profile
Find & Invite Friends

The Welectricity Dashboard

The heart of Welectricity is the Dashboard. Its main purpose is to show you a graph where you can compare your household’s consumption with that of similar others. But it’s also got some other cool features: like, for making notes (to keep track of what you’ve been doing), talking and comparing notes with friends and keeping track of your goals.

Welectricity. Energy efficiency, meet social networking™
Welectricity is brought to you by Welectricity Inc, a company based in St Vincent & the Grenadines (in the Eastern Caribbean). You can contact us at mail@welectricity.com